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The world is divided into two kinds of people- the first category being the ones who have watched ‘Gilmore Girls’ and worshiped it, idolized the characters and spent a lifetime watching reruns, all the while hoping for a sequel. And the latter category are the irrelevant, ignorant ones who are unaware of the show and its greatness. If you belong to the first category, this article is for you.

I was always a die hard Lorelai Gilmore fan. Hell, I was always a true Gilmore fan. The fast paced dialogue with the extreme pop culture referencing almost gave me an adrenaline high that you don’t get even if you jump off a plane. Not that I have jumped off a plane. But you get the point.

These are a few Lorelai quotes which not only made me happy and fuzzy on the inside, I actually rolled off my bed laughing and falling in deep passionate love with the character.

1. Well you know my babbling capabilities are infinite.

Lorelai is the chirpiest woman in Stars Hollow. Period. She could talk in her sleep and she could do it at break neck speed, one of the biggest reasons the show did as well as it did.

2. Because my brain is a wild jungle full of scary gibberish. It’s a big bag of weird in there.

Lorelai takes the cake, the cherry, even the butler when it comes to quirky, nonsensical dialogues that still make a ton of sense if you think about it. Her mind worked fast and she made no bones about spouting out all kinds of pointless jabber.

3. People don’t realize it but it takes years of training to eat the way we do.

The Gilmores, though never seemed to actually eat the food they ordered (especially since Rory was stick thin after eating cheese burgers and fries or pizzas for most of her meals) still managed to carve a special place in our hearts for the extremely unhealthy and fattening food they ordered and pretended to hog on.

4. I hate when I am an idiot and don’t know it. I like to be aware of my idiocy. To revel in it, take pictures. We have missed a prime Christmas card opportunity.

I absolutely fell in love with the way Lorelai was incredibly self-deprecating yet so-in-love-with-herself at the same time. She made it cool to be imperfect, full of flaws, laugh at yourself a little and just be happy with the way you were.

5. If you are going to throw your life away he’d better have a motorcycle.

Lorelai was the perfect mother a girl could ever ask for. A cool mom yet controlled in her way of life, she was perfectly clear of how she wanted to raise Rory and she went every single mile to achieve it. She grew up making decisions for herself without blindly following what her parents said.

6. I love it when I talk and no one listens. Makes me think of home.

She masked her feelings and pain by joking about it in a nonchalant way.

7. I stop drinking coffee. I stop doing the standing and talking and the words putting into sentence doing.

This could be the most celebrated line of the show. The entire coffee culture got redefined with the kind of coffee drinkers both mother and daughter were shown to be. People bought mugs with the coffee quotes from the show on them. It was a revolution.

8. It’s all any of us wants, is to find a nice person to hang out with till we drop dead, not a lot to ask for.’

How sorted would it be if everyone found a life partner this way? That way no one would really be single or divorced.

9. Oy with the poodles already!

This was probably the one line with the most repeat value, going on to become insanely popular from the moment she uttered it.


Lauren Graham was asked to repeat it at a recent interview of the panel. She claims to not specifically remember the line as there were millions of similar ones on the show and she took loads of effort in getting them right. We are not at all surprised! I went absolutely crazy with the gifs with this post as you can very well see and I feel it's completely justified considering how cool these women were and the immense addiction I had going with this show, even while watching the reruns. I can watch this show multiple times,every minute of every day and not feel wasted or bored. I have clearly been gilmored! And I am more than happy about it.

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