April 8, 2017



It's one of those places that take you away and make you want to stay till the end of time. I have a tendency to cancel every plan that's not spontaneous. Cold feet I assume. So I was mildly surprised when we actually made it to Goa. The place thrives on a certain kind of high. I wonder if anyone manages to live a so called "normal" or ordinary and boring life in such a place.  I was pretty confident that 3 nights would be a little more than enough and I hoped we would survive. Not a fleeting moment of boredom. We hired bikes that we drove right up to the beach shacks, every evening.  It's a place to unwind and relax every muscle of your body. The day is spent listlessly waiting for the previous night hangover to pass and the unproductive time surprisingly feels good. I could have spent the entire evening and night gazing at the sea and it wouldn't have sufficed. The music, food and the beer, the long drives leading to the cafés and drunken nights ending with visits to the supermarket for lack of alcohol in the system- the place breathes lust.  It's inexplicably addictive, I could get used to it. Karaoke at a quintessential goan café (Anthony's), water that comes right up to your feet, candlelit tables and an exquisite pain that comes with wanting something  unattainable. The sea is intriguingly vague. Summons you.  It's zen. Peaceful and astonishingly calm. Usually this gets to me. Some people are content in idle recline. I was born to bustle and forced idleness drags me down by imperceptible degrees. But not here. I not only survived the peace, I appreciated it. We got back to the city inside of 5 days. It could have lasted just a little more. But then there's the saying 'no man needs a vacation so much as the man who just had one'  :) 




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