Ever thought of a book fairy that goes around secretly leaving behind books? Maybe when we were 10 years old and still waiting for our Hogwarts acceptance letter, yes. But you would have to be bonkers to believe in book fairies, right? Well! Not really! It's happening right here in our city!


The book fairies of Mumbai have started their work and don't be entirely surprised to walk past a P.G. Wodehouse wrapped in green ribbons with stickers requesting you to pick up, read and pass on the novel to the next person. Not just that! What is truly exciting is the fact that you can be a part of this new age treasure hunt. Here's how-

1. Order your stickers from http://ibelieveinbookfairies.com/

2. Choose the book you want to put the sticker on.

3. Leave the book in a place that is visible to the public.

4. Post your photo online #ibelieveinbookfairies

Let's get started!

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