The advent of 2014 saw a surge in the number of millennials blogging and actually considering to take it up as a serious full time occupation. Most female fashion bloggers admit to having started the whole process just for kicks and as a way of show casing your own style and personality. They never knew what they were signing up for or what it could become. Then the blogging scenario grew. And I mean really grew.

There must be a million bloggers in every possible space, covering every niche, as of today- fashion, food, fitness, lifestyle, books, sport, dance; you name it and you could find someone on the internet actively writing, putting pictures or making videos on the subject. Which is one reason why companies find it easier to pick a blogger over a current celebrity for their product placements. It is an easier way to inform an audience about the upcoming sale or just create a buzz around an old campaign. It not only helps the brand target a specific and very selected audience or a target market which is mostly exclusive to the kind of product they sell but it does so at a much lower cost than what a celebrity, even the non-A-listers would command. The blogger goes home happy as they get an extra chunk of cash for every Instagram post that goes up, or much more for an actual feature on their blogs and the brand stays happy as they accomplish their marketing goal without the hassle involved in roping in a big name all the while making tremendous budget cuts. It’s a win- win situation. The top food or fashion blogger will work as the industry’s guide to what is trending; right from new places or food items to try out in the city, a crazy sale or an offer that a brand is going to come out with, a new store or a café opening, they do it all! Not just this, travel bloggers will travel cities and new countries to promote tourism for that place, showcase the places you ought not to miss when you tour that place and even specific food items which are a ‘must-try’! If you have FOMO, you are their target audience. Most of us onlookers will live vicariously through these blog posts and Instagram feeds. It’s like constantly living with a magazine or a lifestyle supplement of a newspaper in your hand.


I would say the celebrities have their share of endorsements. What a top celebrity can do in an advertisement on the TV is not a space that can be easily handed over to the bloggers. But informing a select audience about a sale for a high end brand in a top tier city, does not require the TV space and here the blogger is more efficient than any other way of advertising. To each his own. It hits the spot when it gets viewed by a 16 to 26 age group, mostly kids in the city, who actually give quite some importance to this kind of information. Probably directly affecting the brand’s sale on the day.

It always amazes me how things change so rapidly, 4 years back if you told someone you are earning money by blogging, it would be ridiculed. Today I personally know a blogger who started from scratch and built a whole name for herself. Traveling all over the globe, visiting places people who earn for decades don’t get to visit, meeting new people and all this at no exorbitant costs- it’s a life worth living. It’s not all happy and rosy, because the work that goes into it can be quite something. And not everyone is cut out for it, though it looks all hunky dory from the outside! The biggest drawback being the risk involved. Not everyone makes it and you can never bank on this as something that will take off and provide you for life. The risk is immense and failures many. But for those who have the resources, the determination and the interest, the doors are open and the sky is the limit!

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