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I have always been someone who could wake up early mornings without much fuss, no alarm clocks needed. And as most people struggled with their snooze button, I practically jumped out of bed on most mornings, made that cup of chai and sat blissfully with Dorian Gray. So it truly amuses me that an entire generation of young adults is missing out on what could probably be known as the best time of the day! If you are a writer or even someone with a job that requires a moderate amount of creativity, you will know what I am talking about. And if you haven’t instilled discipline into your system, well, you might as well bid farewell to hopes of ever writing a book or painting a Mona Lisa or whatever it is that you aspire to do! And that’s the biggest reason I love mornings. Try waking up at 6am and sitting by the window with a cup of tea or just plain old hot water. Look at the world as it stands still, just waiting to start the day. It's the feeling that led to the invention of the word 'serene', I believe! Everything is a tad slower, much more calm and not because you are tired and winding down like at the end of the night but because you have a whole day ahead of you and you can simply do whatever you want with it! It makes me feel powerful, like I am in control; as opposed to 9pm when the only control I can exude over my body is to drag it to bed! But nothing makes the day gloriously better than a well-made breakfast. I am talking about heading out and not just fixing something for yourself at home (though that is equally beautiful and essentially what we do everyday, this is about those one-off days when you actually summon time for a meal that gets largely overlooked)


I love dining out and heading to a cafe for breakfast and spending a good one hour with a plate of food (not cooked by me) and my thoughts can keep me happy and content for most of my life! Give me eggs Benedict, a side of hash browns, some coffee and a plate of pancakes and you will have me grinning like a child. Here are a few picks from a horde of breakfast places around the city, the ones that you should immediately try out!

1. Poetry by Love and Cheesecake

The eggs Benedict in classic hollandaise with a side of broccoli and hash browns could fill your stomach and keep it filled for hours to come! Don’t forget to have their red velvet or just the plain old classic pancakes with maple syrup and whipped cream!

2. La Folie Lab

The waffles at this place look and feel different from any other place I have had waffles at. Everything looks prettier on the plate and feels even better in the stomach.

3. 10th Street Café Juhu

The caramel or hazelnut latte at this place should be had with their eggs Florentine and you will not go home disappointed!

4. Tertullia

With their rustic decor and vibrant interiors, this place is the perfect spot for your Sunday breakfast or even a brunch. Take their window seat and enjoy a glass of Sangria with your food!

5. Bite It Vile Parle East

If you fancy a cozy, low-key breakfast without the buzz and too much hoopla, try this tiny new place that is tucked away in the by lanes of Vile Parle. Their healthy breakfast menu is what most of us need to kick start our day!

P.S- All pictures have been clicked by me, barring the last one :)

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