Let me start by saying that not a single soul in this world actually dislikes recreational travel. So it really is amusing when someone puts up “loves to travel” in their bio, because seriously, what is it that you are bringing to the table?

For travel, in my opinion, is like cheese. So unless you explicitly have an allergy to it, the chances of you being displeased by the idea of a vacation are low. Getting to see a new place, eating good food, roaming around aimlessly is what most of us do when we travel for pleasure and to embark on such a journey leaving behind the incessant demands of your employer, well, what’s not to love?

I genuinely feel unless you actively seek adventure and take up travel as often as humanly possible, announcing your glorious love for the same with a wanderlust hashtag, none the less, is a tad bit silly! So should I be ashamed to admit that I would rather actually write about travel than physically move myself away from the comfort of my cosy room and take a trip? Why does it seem like traveling has become so important to everyone in the recent years, that admitting it might not be a priority almost seems life threatening!


In an age where every second bio reads ‘travel enthusiast’ uttering something against the whole idea of taking a vacation is downright blasphemous. But here I am, openly admitting, that I, for one, am not a fan! Now I wouldn’t exactly say no to travel, I am human, after all! So a vacation or two once or twice a year, just to change your schedule, sure feels good. We do spend a considerable fortune on it so I guess it better feel good. But I sure wouldn’t miss it, if I did not take one! I know people who have gone their entire life without visiting Paris, or those “serene” locations in exotic destinations that most listicles mark "must-visit" (I am guilt myself of having written some of these) And they survived! Thrived, actually.

There is one line from a blog published on Huffpost that I absolutely loved (whose reference I have given toward the end ) and she writes

“If escape is the purpose of travel, then travel is never escape enough”

Now this particular line is so true, I feel I relate to the writer like I have known her forever, just by reading that piece. Yes, my whole purpose of enjoyment and relaxation comes from sitting on my bed (I would like to shamelessly admit) on the couch or in the corner of a coffee shop, with a laptop and a very strong sugary cup of coffee. That is all that I need and will ever need. That and an endless supply of books. All I have ever wanted is to escape. My reality is perfectly fine, protected upbringing and rosy family. But to escape in pages and pages of riveting characters, varying cultures, impressive dialogue, mysterious plot twists and heart wrenching deaths, I am sorry to say but travel can never give me all that! And it’s not just reading, it’s television and Netflix and a hundred other mediums. Call me crazy but I have felt more at peace, perfectly happy and satisfied just plonking my feet up and getting lost in food shows and travelogues that show you the place without you sweating it out yourself.

So it amuses me when people think that your happiness in life is directly proportional to the number of places you have been to around the globe. If travelling was free, you would never see me again, they say. Sorry, but you would totally see me! Who wants to be on a trip their whole life? Not me! I want stagnancy. I want stability and I want my routine. I am not dissing travel; all I am saying is lower the judgement. Not everyone wants to board that plane. Again I am saying, perspectives will differ. But this is mine. I would rather read Austen and get lost in a world created in the pages of a book than go through crowded airports, roam around places to look at touristy spots which I can always take a quick glance at online, thanks to the internet. But who will describe to me those characters? Who will take me away into a world that was built in someone else's mind? Because that, to me, will always be the idea of happiness.

Here is the entire article from the HuffPost blog if you wish to read it-

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